Undetected Destiny



Look closely.  What do you see?  Perhaps you see a picture of a crowd on a busy street.  Or, perhaps you see people hurrying to their destination of choice.  Perhaps, you may see just a photo of people seemingly unrelated to your destiny.

So then, what should you see?  You should see the reality of this photo and the depth of meaning it portrays.  This photo is actually a picture of Undetected Destiny.

Over the past number of weeks, the Spirit of The Lord has impressed a sobering thought on my mind.  He said,  “I have sent the cure for cancer, heart disease, multiple sclerosis and many other ailments into destiny millions of times.  However, when there is such a disregard for life and purpose,  “Deliverance or destiny is present but undetected.”

One of the greatest worldwide challenges today is post birth abortion.

Life is a strategic gift given by God for the fulfillment of divine purpose in the earth.  When there is a disregard for life, there is also a disregard for purpose which leads to a post birth abortion.

My fellow parents, the child that you are rearing is more than your DNA and hereditary identification.  The person you are is an engineered purpose from the mind of God.  What if Joseph and Mary had not postured Jesus to recognize his Godness and his purpose?  We would all be lost!  God entrusted Joseph and Mary to cultivate divine purpose until it grew into a Savior.  The Church cannot be as lawless as the world.  Revelation 18:13 prophesies that in end time, Babylon will devalue the souls of men placing a higher value on commodities, acquisitions and even livestock.  We MUST recognize that we have more than children in our midst, we have the kingdom right in our hands.  We must come to the knowledge that:

Your life is a strategy, your soul is a resource and your spirit is power!

You must live your life based upon purpose.  You must cultivate your offspring based upon purpose.  When the Israelites named a child they knew that they were are also naming a God-given purpose that was established in the earth.  In America, we named a generation “x” and we are now reaping the consequences.

God is depending on The Church to recognize the power of life in the earth.  God needs a people who reverence the seed.  God needs a mentor who will duplicate himself.  Family and friends, please do not abort the purpose of God through reckless living.  You are here for more than salvation.  You are here for strategy.

There’s so much more concerning this subject, but this blog would turn into a book!  However, I admonish you to take the time to know your children, family members and most importantly—yourself. More serious than ebola, we must rid the world of the ailment called:  UNDETECTED DESTINY!


One thought on “Undetected Destiny

  1. Jacqueline Nickels says:

    I just want to thank you for allowing God to use you to help me! I was in your service today is Albuquerque, NM and know without a shadow of doubt GOD sent you because of the need for TRUTH! Reading this blog was just as important because I have been given the task of raising two grandsons and was having a hard time with the new task, but now knowing, I must cultivate purpose in them for the Kingdom gives my rearing new meaning, Thank you!

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