What’s Creating Your Harvest?


When God set forth life in humanity, He did so by laws and principles.  These laws and principles were and are set forth so that mankind could flourish.  When we learn how to live life by these laws it removes the possibility of experiencing unnecessary outcomes.

God gave you and I the power to choose.  We have received this power because we are created in God’s image.  Therefore, you must comprehend that the power to choose is not human—it’s a divine empowerment.  Making choices makes us like God.  It is His plan.

“If it’s meant to happen…it will happen”—is a statement of FATE.  We are commanded to walk by FAITH (2 Corinthians 5:7).  The systems of this world would cause one to believe that you will enter, excel and exit life by fate.  However, fate makes choice an illusion.  Since it is God who set forth the power of choice, fate has no place in The Kingdom.  You have been given the power to choose because there is a divine expectation that the sons of God would learn how to think like God, act like God and thus, choose like God.

What Are You Doing With Your Power of Choice?

We have the power to choose.  We choose the cars we drive, the clothes we wear and our vacation destinations.  The world’s systems, marketers, big businesses and more make sure that you exercise your choice with them; and thus, your choice makes them wealthy!

How about taking that same power of choice and choose something that empowers YOU.  Choose something outside of the natural realm and choose something in the spiritual realm that will advance you to your wealthy place—spiritually and naturally.

This subject is so powerful and revelatory that I am planning on recording a video package so that it can be expounded upon at length.  Until then, please remember, “Life is an orchard filled with the fruits of an individual’s choices in life.”

Take CHOICE seriously…it’s creating your harvest!

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  1. Althea Smith says:

    Heard you speak at Shawn Goode homegoing service. Just strolling through your page.

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