“When Your Mate Is Not A Part of Your Routine”


“When Your Mate Is Not In Your Routine” 

Finding Your Soulmate

A few weeks ago our church, REBIRTH, had an outstanding session called “Relationships Unscripted.”  I was overwhelmed at the response we received, from those residing in Columbus, and to our surprise, from other cities.  Though my wife and I are not relationship gurus, we have been happily married for 31 years and felt we do have some experience to bring to the table.

We began sharing a very frustrating habit in searching for that special someone. In searching for a mate at your job, church, within social circles or your neighborhood—your routine is often your trap.  Many frustrated men and women look for their mate based upon their routine and not available candidates.

Each of us has a routine that our life is built upon.  An individual basically has a job, a church, a neighborhood and a small social circle.  The problem is we base all areas of our life, success, and today’s emphasis—relationship expeditions—on that limited circle of individuals.  What if your future husband or wife is 1) not employed at your workplace, 2) not a member of the church you attend, 3) does not live in your neighborhood or apartment building or 4) is not a part of your social circle?  See my point?  “Realize that your potential mate is not necessarily a part of your routine!”

You can spin your wheels looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right in one of a few areas of your life and become frustrated when you do not find your soul mate in one of those circles.  What if your future mate just does not shop at your favorite mall or eat at your favorite restaurant?  What do you do?


The biblical patriarch, Isaac (Son of Abraham) left Canaan en route to Mesopotamia to find his wife to be—Rebekah.  This was a minimum of 400 miles!  Isaac was taught that his destiny was so important that it could not be intersected by just any woman.  Woman of God, you cannot choose your mate by his abs or biceps!  Man of God, you cannot choose your mate by legs and high heels.  Your destiny must be intersected by someone who can handle where God desires to take you. 

In conclusion, I challenge you to break the limitations of your routine and its associated frustrations and go find your soul mate!  Have you been to the opera? Are your a part of the volunteers for the children’s benefit foundation?  Listen, be prayerful and open minded.  Listen for God and go beyond your routine.  Relationships are not always text book. Break your habit and understand, “Your Mate is Not Necessarily in Your Routine!”

I hope this entry has provided direction and inspiration.  I hope to see the invitation to your wedding in the near future!

One thought on ““When Your Mate Is Not A Part of Your Routine”

  1. Yolanda says:

    Amen. I always received a prophetic word from your ministry.

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