Is giving important?

Yes!  At REBIRTH we focus on giving in to ways.  Giving to GOD and giving to our community.

Giving To GOD

The scripture tells us to that the giving of our tithes and free-will offerings secures the church and guarantees is productivity.  By giving, REBIRTH sets forth an exciting list of events including:  outdoors bible classes in the summer, christian tailgate parties in the fall, health fairs, seminars and many other programs and events are made possible through giving.


REBIRTH engages itself in ministering to our community.  From assisting young boys and girls with life skills to teaming with the Red Cross for disaster relief.  REBIRTH not only sends financial pledges to support charity, REBIRTH is there on the front line—in person to help those who experience tragedy and challenge.  Giving to community exhibits the love of God to those who often need it the most.  Giving to our community is VERY important to our mission at REBIRTH.

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