Life Groups

What is a LIFE Group?

A life group is a smaller group of REBIRTH members in a specific category.  LIFE Groups are designed to engage in a broad number of topics that will equip you to live your life!

What are REBIRTH’s LIFE Groups?


DoMENion is our men’s life group.  It engages our men on the principles and practices of Godly living, preparing them to be productive in family, church and community.  DoMENion engages in both spiritual and recreational events to provide a platform for holistic living.


Women At REBIRTH is our women’s life group.  This life group engages our women in various topics and subjects that will enhance their lives as women in the workplace, women in the family, marriage, pre-marriage, dating, mothers and more!


Ignite is our youth ministry at REBIRTH.  Ignite holds bi-weekly services during our regular services to engage our youth in living for God.  It produces the foundation needed for young girls and boys to become kingdom young men and women.  Ignite engages in programming and events inside and outside of the church.


Driven is our teen ministry at REBIRTH.  Driven holds bi-weekly services during our regular services to challenge our teens on critical thinking and decision making with a christian mindset.  Driven postures our teens to begin to consider their place and purpose in the kingdom in an exciting and meaningful way.


Inspire is our singles ministry at REBIRTH.  A unique programming schedule gives our singles information on living their best life during their single season.  Accomplishing personal goals and pursuing purpose.  It also prepares those who desire to marry via seminars, events and other outings.


Big Reach is our community touchpoint.  Through Big Reach, REBIRTH effectively ministers to those within our community.  From major disaster relief to the less fortunate, REBIRTH has a proven track record of reaching beyond its walls to engage the love of God to all people.


REBIRTH ReSTORE is our community garden, community farm and green project.  It gives our members a chance to use the God-given earth to grow produce in a safe way that promotes health.  Do you love gardening?  Do you love fresh vegetables?  You’ll love REBIRTH ReSTORE!

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