The Power of Faith & A Hunch

October 30, 2014

The Power of Faith & A Hunch

In western thinking, faith is “to know.”  However, in eastern thinking (which includes Hebrew) faith must create “action.” The original Paleo-Hebrew definition of faith is “strength, watering and securing the sprouting seed and then standing in awe looking at the results.”


The Woman with The Issue of Blood, The Blind Man, Jairus and others each got their deliverance by excessing the power of faith and a hunch!  Learn power faith principles in this stirring word.

One thought on “The Power of Faith & A Hunch

  1. Doris Jones/Billops says:

    I have been coming to Rebirth since New Year’s Eve I have been so blessed since I have coming to Rebirth, I have cancer and have been fighting since 2009, I was living and working in E. St. Louis, and had been going to the Doctors for a while before they discovered it. I moved to Columbus 4 years ago because the Doctors gave me 6 mos. to live but I am still here by the grace of GOD, I knew in my heart that GOD had more for me because I was working hard for GOD before my test of CANCER came I will conquer CANCER, your wife in one of the services came up to me and started praying for me and I whispered to her I have CANCER and she started praying for me, I have recently went to the Doctor for treatment and test and I have went from a level 3 to a 2 level with the CANCER I know that I will LIVE and NOT die. And through my giving God has increase my own finances. My daughter and I have been searching for a healthy church and we are seeking GOD to give us an answer to join, my daughter is a Evangelist and we both have been blessed by the word and worship at Rebirth. Sorry my comment was a little long, But GOD has done so much for me and my family since we have been attending REBIRTH. As a family we love to work for GOD and be a blessing to your ministry and GOD people.

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