This Is MY Rebirth!

This is MY Rebirth, our member spotlight, proclaims God’s truth through the testimonies of transformation and empowerment experienced at REBIRTH Worship Center.

Today, This Is MY Rebirth interviews Will, one of REBIRTH’s success stories in the making. His life story and testimony prove that God has the power to bring about a life change! Let’s check out the interview:

TIMR: How did you hear about REBIRTH?
Will: Actually a young brother named Danta introduced me to REBIRTH. I came and visited and never left!

TIMR: Why do you love REBIRTH?
Will: I love its UNITY—the love I feel when I’m there and the love we share with everyone else.

TIMR: From the testimonies we have heard, you came from a street life. Right? Tell us about your transformation from a street life to a life change?
Will: I would like to say that it was easy but it’s anything but easy. Temptations are all around. I live in the same environment, but now, I’m speaking a different language. I don’t get caught up in the things I used to do. Now, I’m influencing my environment. Instead of taking away from my community, I’m giving back.

TIMR: Tell us how the worship impacts you?
Will: The worship is amazing! Pastor Thomas showed us different ways to worship God. I love worshiping God and I love the way it makes me feel.

TIMR: What impact does the preaching and teaching have on your life?
Will: It has a huge impact on my life. It shows me how to live on a day to day basis. It teaches me how to be a man. It teaches me how to be a better father—a better man in general!

TIMR: If you had to put REBIRTH into one word, what would that word be?
Will: HOME!

TIMR: In your experience with REBIRTH, how has it affected your future?
Will: Greatly! Before I came to REBIRTH, I didn’t even think I had a future. It gives me hope and instruction. REBIRTH teaches me to go home, meditate and pray. Now, I see a bright future.

TIMR: We understand that you are now piloting two businesses. Tell us about it.
Will: Yes. I have a lawn care business and mentoring program called Clean Slate Lifestyles. Clean Slate Lifestyles is for anyone who wants to change from the negative to the positive. Whether it’s through living better, your sobriety, whatever! It’s possible.
TIMR: Speaking of sobriety, how long have you been sober now?
Will: Actually it’s been 13 months now! Ever since I walked into REBIRTH I’ve been clean!!! Praise God!

TIMR: How does your family accept and embrace your change?
Will: My family is loving it. I had a chance to bring them together. I had the opportunity to bring both sides of my family to church. God’s not through with my family. This is just the beginning.

TIMR: Share a final message with someone who is engaged in the things, from which, you are now free!
Will: I would tell them there is hope. You don’t have to believe everything you hear. I used to think if I changed there would be consequences. Honestly, the only consequences I received were blessings! All I’ve experienced are good things. I’d tell them to take that step and God has the rest.

TIMR: Well, Will, it has been our pleasure to speak with you today. And more importantly, it’s important for our readers to hear of your continuing triumph and for them to know that a life change is indeed possible for anyone and everyone!

We invite you to join us for worship at REBIRTH and “Say GOOD MORNING to the rest of your LIFE!”

Until next month…Shalom!

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