Pastors & Staff

Darren Thomas

Senior Pastor

Pastor Darren serves as Senior Pastor and is the Founder of Rebirth Worship Center. His passion is worship, people development, and engaging the gifts of people within the House of God. He studies Theology, Hebraic Studies, and Hebrew Language at several universities.

Sonya Thomas

Associate Pastor

Pastor Sonya is one of the Associate Pastors at Rebirth Worship Center. Her passion is prayer and people development. She leads the Team of Intercessors, The Healing Team, and the Women's Life Group.

Cheryl Travis

Assistant Pastor & Ministerial Coordinator

Pastor Cheryl is a jewel to the Rebirth Family. A pillar in the structure of Rebirth's continuance, she serves as Assistant Pastor aiding aiding in the shepherding and maturing of the membership. She also serves as lead coordinator of our ministerial team.